Fortress Environmental Services
Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Supercenter

Fortress Environmental Services SWD Supercenter Serving the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas

Fortress Environmental Services SWD & Mud Processing Supercenter Serving the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas

Welcome to Fortress Environmental Services Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Supercenter, one of the Eagle Ford Shale’s largest corporate run, one-stop produced saltwater disposal and mud farm service providers.

Fortress SWD Supercenter Pricing

Fortress highly recommends that trucking companies and drilling operators take five minutes to call the Fortress dispatch office at (830) 788-7602 to see if they can get a better price from Fortress than the competition is offering.

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Fortress Provides the Following SWD services:

The Fortress SWD Supercenter allows trucking companies and drilling operators to take a 260-mile short cut by only having to drive to a single supercenter location to receive all of these SWD services from a one-stop location, versus driving 50 miles down bumpy, muddy dirt roads to a Mom & Pop SWD to offload produced saltwater or drilling mud, and then driving 80 miles to San Antonio or 120 to Houston to get a commercial truck wash and/or a 130-BBL tanker wash out/500-BBL frac tank wash, then another 80/120 miles to a fresh water depot to fill up with clean water, stopping somewhere else on the way to get a quick bite to eat and then finally driving another 50 miles back to a drill site.

Time is money and money is time. How much money do you think your trucking company would save by eliminating four hours of driving time, the diesel fuel costs and truck maintenance expenses of driving 260 miles per truck load and the billing hours you would save by reducing your vendor check runs by downsizing from from six different vendors to a single SWD turnkey solution provider that gives you better price on services?

And since Fortress understands the trucking industry’s business model and the need for a streamlined and efficient operation, we will also provide very affordable volume discounts and VIP programs that offer bundled pricing packages for trucking companies that utilize one or more SWD services on a monthly basis.

Located ¼ mile off Interstate 10, all roads  to our location are paved. Located in the small town of Waelder, Texas, there are no stoplights, no traffic jams and only one stop sign between our location and I-10. Simply take exit 649, drive ¼ mile south and follow the blue signs on the east side of the road.

And while truckers wait to get their trucks serviced, we treat them to a hot meal and hot/cold drinks in our Trucker’s Lounge, free fast Wi-Fi internet access, charging stations for laptops/cell phones, take a smoke break in our outdoor shade tent, or cook up their own meal on our outdoor BBQ grill and/or take a hot shower in the Men’s or Women’s Restrooms.

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