Fortress Environmental Services – Top Texas SWD/Mud Treatment Supercenter

Fortress Environmental Services Offers the Eagle Ford Fast, 1-Stop Shop Oilfield Services Supercenter Offering SWD Disposals, Mud Farm, Frac Tank and Tanker Truck Washouts & Fresh Water Depot

Fortress Environmental Services Offers the Eagle Ford Shale a Fast, 1-Stop Shop Oilfield Supercenter Offering SWD Disposal, Mud Processing, Truck Washes, Frac Tank and Tanker Truck Washouts & Fresh Water Depot

Fortress Environmental Services, a top Texas SWD (Salt Water Disposal) well provider for the Eagle Ford Shale play, offers leading-edge, fast SWD dumps, mud treatment, transport tanker truck washouts, frac tank wash outs, exterior truck washes and fresh water depots so that truckers only have to make one stop.

This top-rated, turnkey SWD disposal/mud treatment supercenter is the fastest place to dump, clean up, fill up, eat, take a shower and get back on the road in less than 30 minutes. Located 1/4 mile south of the intersection of I-10 and Hwy 97 between San Antonio and Houston, the Fortress  Environmental SWD is the perfect one stop shop to serve all of the  oil and gas wells in and around Eagle Ford Shale.

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The Fortress oilfield services supercenter is very convenient for truckers, dispatchers and drilling operators located in Atascosa, Bastrop, CaldwellDeWitt, FayettevilleGonzales, Karnes, LavacaLive Oak and Wilson counties. Truckers, dispatchers and oilfield service companies can contact Diana Olmos directly at (830) 788-7602.

In addition to quick SWD wastewater, drilling mud processing and washout services, Fortress Environmental Services’ truck stop also provides a free food buffet for truckers to get a free bite to eat.  The air conditioned trucker’s lounge/break room provides free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access for checking emails/trucking logistics, charging up cell phones/laptops and enjoying hot food, cold drinks and/or a fresh pot of coffee.

The oilfield services supercenter also provides an outdoor shade tent for BBQs as well as the option for free hot showers for both men/women to provide a fresh start on the long haul to the next truck stop.

Full-Service, Turnkey Salt Water Disposal/Mud Farm with Top-Notch One-Stop Service:

  • Top-rated trucker’s lounge with free food, free drinks and free Wi-Fi
  • Convenient, environmentally friendly, UIC Class II Salt Water Disposal Well
  • Located 1/4 mile south of I-10 (mile marker 649) & Hwy. 97 on paved roads  
  • GPS Coordinates:  29.661534, -97.299444
  • 4-lanes  for fast pull-through SWD wastewater disposal
  • Fast 8-minute frac transport truck trailer waste water dump time
  • Environmentally friendly mud processing for oil-based
  • 3-lane transport truck wash racks for SWD, Food Grade (Level 1 & 2), and oilfield tanker trucks
  • Full exterior frac tanker truck washes for Texas DPS compliance 
  • 3-lane 500 BBL frac tank washout rack that can be double stacked 
  • Sloped cement driveway lanes contains all spills, wash outs, etc. 
  • Full water recycling management – treatment, recycle and 85% water reuse
  • Fresh water depot fill-up for trucking water back to drill sites

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