Trucker Survey

Fortress Trucker Survey

Fortress just opened our I-10 Truck Wash and we are now seeking advice and feedback from all truck drivers and truck fleet companies.

In order to serve your trucking company in the best way possible, please fill out this short survey to let us know what services you would like purchase and what type of pricing do you believe offers the best deal?

Everyone that fills out this survey will receive a $10 truck wash discount coupon that can be used for our combo tractor/trailer wash or any other type of large vehicle such as buses or RVs.  Or click here for a free price quote.

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Where are you currently getting your truck washed?
 A-1 Truck Wash - Houston Charlies Truck Wash - San Antonio Blue Beacon San Antonio Blue Beacon Houston Johnnie Macs - New Braunfels Ten Star - Brookshire Two Texans - Huntsville

How much do you typically spend on each visit?
 $60 - $65 $65 - $70 $70 - $75 $75 - $80 $80 - $85 $85 - $95 $95 - $100 $100+

What do you think is a fair price for a tractor/trailer wash?

How much extra do our competitors charge you for a muddy/dirty truck?

What services do you purchase on each truck wash visit?
 Tractor Wash Tractor Cab Vacuum Engine Wash Tractor/Trailer Combo Tanker Wash (Exterior) Trailer Wash (Exterior) Trailer Washout (Interior) Food Grade (1 or 2) Citrus Wash Hand Compounding Hand Wax Hand Dry Chrome Polishing Tire Treatments Spot Free Rinse Rims Gas Tanks Overnight Parking

What type of truck or tractor/trailer do you drive? What types of loads do you transport?

How do you search for a commercial truck wash?
 Google Trucker Apps Phone Book CB Phone Book Referrals Other

What is the best way to send you monthly truck wash coupons?
 Direct Mail Email Trucker Apps Social Media Fax Machine Other

We serve meals for our truckers while they wait. What food would you like to be served during your next visit?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

What do you like to eat for lunch?

What do you like to eat for dinner?

What amenities would you like to see provided during your visit?
 Free Wi-Fi Free Meals Free Overnight Parking Hot Showers Washer/Dryer Other

What other types of services, pricing, bundles, or VIP programs should we be offering to win your business?