Tanker Wash Outs

Tanker Trailer and Box Trailer Washouts

dge Transport Tank Getting a Truck Wash and Tanker Wash Out

Edge Transport Getting a Truck Wash and Tanker Wash Out to Make Their Trucks Look Great!


SWD Tanker Truck Washouts

The Fortress SWD Supercenter provides produced saltwater tanker truck washouts as well as other type of vacuum trucks, tanker trucks, pump trucks, etc.  Oil and mud are fine. The only type of trucks that Fortress does not accept are hazardous chemicals or loads such as manure, egg shells or other solids that will clog up our water recycling filter system.

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After an exterior truck and trailer wash, a interior tanker trailer wash out, and an engine wash, truckers can pull out of our truck wash with a tractor trailer that shines like a million bucks.  The Texas Department of Safety likes clean trucks because it shows that the trucker likes to take good care of their equipment, which means that all of their paperwork and safety equipment is also in good working order.

Fortress Provides the Following SWD services:

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