Saltwater Disposal

Class II Produced Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well

Fortress Four-Lane Drive Through Salt Water Disposal  SWD Injection Well

Fortress Four-Lane Drive Through Salt Water Disposal SWD Injection Well Can Accept 25,000-BBLs per Day

Fortress Saltwater Disposal Pricing

Fortress highly recommends that trucking companies and drilling operators take five minutes to call the Fortress dispatch office at (830) 788-7602 to see if they can get a better price from Fortress than the competition is offering.

Fortress’ Saltwater Disposal Well Facility

The Gonzales county 24/7 disposal facility has been designed as a state-of-the-art facility that will handle up to 25,000 barrels of fluid injection on a daily basis. It incorporates many safety features, is environmentally sound, and built with our customers in mind. There is a driver’s lounge for our customers to rest or get a get bite to eat or enjoy a cold drink as their trucks are being off-loaded.

Fortress provides a four drive-through SWD, which are each equipped with a high-performance electronic unloading system pumps that enables a 130-BBL truck to be unloaded in approximately eight (8) minutes using two high-speed pumps.

Fortress Environmental Texas SWD Experts Downloading Wrangler Trucking Tanker

Fortress Environmental SWD Experts Downloading Produced from a Wrangler Trucking Saltwater  Tanker Trailer

This is performed with four independent manifolds that feed a dual redundant series of gun barrel tanks, skimmed oil tanks and clear water tanks.  Each offloading pump contains a viewing tube and advanced screening system that filters the water before it is injected into the formations, preserving and prolonging the life of the wells.

Fortress utilizes an electronic monitoring system that enables the monitoring of well pressures and other critical data from remote locations.

Once the water has screened been screened and filtered, dual-redundant, state-of-the-art injection well pumps can process a maximum capacity of 25,000 barrels, which is about 192 tanker trucks per day.

Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Class II Injection Wells

The use of saltwater disposal wells for underground injection has traditionally been the primary disposal option for produced water by the oil and gas industry. Classified as a “Class II” injection well and when properly sited, constructed and operated, underground injection wells have served as an effective and environmentally safe method of disposing of wastewater as sanctioned by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for almost 80 years.

Texas Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well on Eagle Ford Shale

Diagram of a Typical Texas Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well on Eagle Ford Shale

Saltwater disposal wells are used to return the processed saltwater back to underground porous rock formations once the water is separated from the oil and gas. These wells utilize proven technologies and are a monitored, safe and necessary practice, which are overseen and inspected regularly by the Texas Railroad Commission and follow the Salt Water Disposal (SWD) regulations and industry standards that are considered safe and effective.

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