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Fortress Environmentally Friendly Drilling Mud Processing


Fortress Eagle Ford Shale Drilling Mud Processing Facility

Fortress Environmental Services has built a new environmentally friendly Drilling Mud Processing Center for the Eagle Ford Shale Play in Waelder, Texas, to serve Gonzales and surrounding counties, which had a grand opening on October 19, 2015.

During hydraulic fracking operations drilling mud is used to cool the drilling bit as it bores down a vertical bore first (water-based mud) and then bores up to six or more horizontal/lateral bores (oil-based mud) from a single drilling pad. During the fracking process this drilling mud and flowback fluids are stored in large onsite “Open Reserve Mud Pits.” Once the fracking process is complete, these open mud pits are required by the Texas Railroad Commission to be cleaned up and the land returned to its natural state. To do this most oil leases use land farming where the tainted mud is mixed with regular soil and then spread out over the oil lease property.  Or the mud is taken to “Land Treatment Facility” commonly referred to as a “Mud Farm.”

Over the years these mud farms have been notorious for accepting the mud and just piling it up in huge mounds spread out across a piece of property until it is full. The problem is that these mud mounds are susceptible to runoff when it rains and are the number one problem associated with the hydraulic fracking process.

Fortress Environmental Services drilling mud processing centers are environmentally friendly.  Instead of dumping the flowback and processed mud onto an open piece of land, Fortress has poured a huge concrete-lined containment pit, where 15-yard dump trucks can offload the drilling mud into a protected mud containment pit.

Next, the mud is pumped out the containment pit then moved through several different high-technology filtering, centrifuging and cleaning processes that process the cuttings and drilling mud to remove the oil and other chemicals and return it back an environmentally friendly form of soil that can be used for many different industrial purposes such as paving roads or sent to an approved landfill.

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