Fresh Water Depot

Fortress Fresh Water Depot

Fortress Environmental Texas SWD Fresh Water Depot Can Supply Up to 50,000 BBLs of Fresh Water per Day for Fracing Operations

Fortress Environmental’s Fresh Water Depot Can Supply Up to 100 130-BBL Tanker Trucks per Day


Fortress Fresh Water Pricing

Fortress highly recommends that trucking companies and drilling operators take five minutes to call the Fortress dispatch office at (830) 788-7602 to see if they can get a better price from Fortress than the competition is offering.

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Fresh Water Depot

Fortress Environment Services re-completed its own fresh water well. Fresh water is pumped into storage tanks, filtered and then stored in a 50,000 fresh water depot tank.  Transport tanker trucks simply pull up beside the fresh depot, connect their trucks via a vacuum pump and fill up.

The Fresh Water Depot that can supply up to one hundred 130-BBL tankers per day of fresh water for hydraulic fracking operators on the Eagle Ford Shale.

To meet safety requirements, most 130-BBL transport tankers get an exterior truck wash and a tanker tailer wash out before being refilled with fresh water for transport back to the hydraulic fracking site.

Fortress Provides the Following SWD Services:

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