Safety First & Environmental Procedures – Compliance, Ultimate Safety, & Green Standards

Fortress is committed to complying with all laws, respecting all individuals, and protecting the environment. Our management and operations teams each have the authority to impact and intervene to prevent unsafe operations. Our employees are the key to success for Fortress and our clients.

At Fortress we employ an exceptional safety, health and environmental program. Our objective is to provide a safe and secure work environment for both our employees and customers. Our safety and health program consist of following elements:

  • OSHA Regulation in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Weekly Safety Meetings – These meeting‘s prevent accidents and implement corrective measures to identify better safety for all employees and are a key element to our safety program. Our employees have an opportunity to openly discuss what took place and suggest corrective measure they believe should be considered or implemented. Our program stresses to all employees, contractors, and others working on our behalf their responsibility and accountability for safe performance. We believe by working togetherand being part of our day to day operation we will achieve our primary goals, which are to have zero harm to any individual and zero environmental impact.